Complete Invoicing Solution

Crater is free for life with all of the below features catered
towards individuals and small businesses.


Create and send professional invoices to clients and save time for what really matters.


Create a quick and detailed quote including prices, discounts, inventory and more.

Track Payment

Easily keep a detailed note of your transactions and never lose a payment history.


Keep track of your spending on various services with our easy to use expense tracking.


Get detailed reports on your
invoices with one or various clients.


Input different tax types & calculate them as simple or compound tax per-item or directly on invoice total.

Manage your invoices
on the go!

Send your invoices to the clients instantly, track your payments or check a detailed client history, Crater App for iOS and Android let you manage everything from your phone.

Professional Invoice Templates

Choose between three specially designed templates
for creating invoices and estimates.