Version: 6.0.6

  • Fix issue with updating company settings

  • Fix tax report error when tax_per_item is ON

  • Fix issue with creating item with taxes on invoice create page

  • Fix search key issues on select input fields for language, currency, etc.

  • Update translations



Version: 6.0.5

  • Re-order invoice status tabs

  • Fix unit + feature test failures

  • Fix 404 issue with PDF links on mobile application

  • Fix screen cropping issues on dashboard with mobile & tablet screens

  • Fix date range selection issue on report pages with non-english languages

  • Fix responsive issue with dialog boxes

  • Fix customer delete issue with existing payment transactions

  • Remove overdue status from invoice lifecycle and add as a separate field

  • Fix issue with dates on updating invoices

  • Translation updates


Version: 6.0.4

  • Fix issue with Customer not being able to logout

  • Fix mail send invoice button loading issue


Version: 6.0.3

  • Added ability to mark templates as default for Invoices & Estimates.

  • Added infinite scroll pagination on all view pages instead of loading everything at once.

  • Updated translations

  • Fixed issue with send invoice modal not opening on recurring invoice page

  • Fixed expense_receipt not downloading and showing invalid image on edit

  • Fixed selection issues on expense and payment edit pages

  • Fix select custom field type getting cropped off while creating an invoice or estimate.

  • Fixed permission issue for dashboard

  • Fix CSRF Vulnerability on logout request by changing its request type to POST instead of GET

  • Fixed search implementation on view pages


Version: 6.0.2

  • Fixed Invoice & Payment Delete issue

  • Fixed foreign key issue with transactions


Version: 6.0.1

  • Add Crotian & Greek Languages

  • Fixed customer address field vulnerability

  • Fixed DomPDF issue with PHP 8

  • Fixed issue with customer portal logo not displaying on docker


Version: 6.0.0

  • Customer Portal

  • Module Support

  • Public Invoice Page

  • Expire Public Links

  • Bugfixes and improvements


Version: 5.0.6

  • Fixed error on update payment when no invoice is selected

  • Fixed custom-field type selection error

  • Fixed Notes label wrapping to next line on PDFs


Version: 5.0.5

  • Fixed payment edit not setting amount automatically

  • Fixed custom field values not saving on expenses

  • Fixed issue with migrations on manual update

  • Fixed expenses not showing up on dashboard when added without customer

  • Updated Profit & Loss Report calculation to include payments without invoice


Version: 5.0.4

  • Fixed issue with custom fields not showing on list of suggested fields for Insert Fields dropdown

  • Fixed Reports not showing amounts in selected company currency

  • Fixed error on invoice generation for cron service with hashids

  • Fix Custom Format not selecting on Recurring Invoice Edit page

  • Fix redirect issue on Recurring Invoice view page


Version: 5.0.3

  • Fixed Docker issue for Ubuntu & Reverted Nginx Port to 80 on Docker Compose

  • Fixed issue with Cron Service on Docker showing database warnings

  • Fixed Validation issue with IP Address on Domain Verification