Version: 6.0.2

  • Fixed Invoice & Payment Delete issue

  • Fixed foreign key issue with transactions



Version: 4.1.0

  • Added New Dialog Component

  • Added New Notification Component

  • Added ability to set Invoice/Estimate Number Length

  • Added ability to attach Invoice/Estimate/Payment PDFs on emails

  • Added new Korean, Slovak, Vietnamese, Japanese

  • Fixed Relative URL issue on local setups

  • PDF titles are now translatable

  • Fix issues with Custom Date field


Version: 4.0.4

  • Fixed Insert Note issue

  • Fixed issue with Invoice date on edit page

  • Fixed rounding errors on tax for PostgreSQL DBs

  • Fixed issue with company logo when using crater on an IP Address

  • Upgraded TailwindCSS to V2

  • Upgraded Laravel-mix version


Version: 4.0.3

  • Added missing translations for English, German & Spanish

  • Fix rounding errors on Estimates, Payments & Invoices


Version: 4.0.2

  • Fixed Browser Crash issue on new invoice/estimate pages.

  • Fixed PDF characters not showing properly in certain languages.

  • Updated translations for Serbian, French, German, Dutch & Arabic based on contributions.

  • Updated Template Selection Modal UI to display to the template name

  • Added hover effects on template-select button

  • Fixed issue with payments when decimal numbers are used.

  • Added Swedish Language


Version: 4.0.1

  • Fixed Forgot Password Issue

  • Fixed Downloaded PDF extension issue

  • Fixed security issue with hash ids

  • Fixed Logo not showing on PDF on localhost

  • Increased note limit to 65000 chars instead of 255

  • Fixed Server error on reports

  • Added Latvian Language

  • Fixed Translations for several languages.


Version: 4.0.0

  • Replaced Bootstrap CSS framework with Tailwind CSS

  • Added ability to create & download file & DB Backups

  • Added File-Disk Configuration Settings ( Saves PDFs or Backups to Digital Ocean Spaces, AWS S3 & Dropbox)

  • Added new Customer View page

  • Added Custom Notes for Estimates, Payments & Invoices

  • Added Unit & Feature Tests

  • Revamped API + API Documentation

  • Added ability to Edit Email Subject & Description with placeholders before sending out an Invoice or Estimate Email

  • Added Custom Fields - Customize your Address formats on PDFs ( use custom or basic fields according to your preference)

  • Added Global Search

  • Added ability to Manage Admins (Add, Edit, and remove Admins)


Version: 3.1.1

- Fixed all docker issues - Fixed Issue with SES Email Driver - Fixed issues with PHP 7.4 PDF Generation - Fixed Translation issues on Customization Page - Fixed Invalid URL issue on setup wizard when using localhost - Fixed email layout issue

Version: 3.1.0

New features: - Redesigned Self-Update UI - Updated French, German and Italian languages - Added ability to copy Invoice PDF URL - Added ability to resend an Invoice/Estimate - Added customer selection on Expense Bug fixes: - Fixed issue with chart values not showing correctly on dashboard - Fixed issue with new items not showing on new invoice/estimate page - Completely refactored Invoice, Estimate and Report PDFs to support PHP 7.4 - Fixed issue with Payment modes doubling on save - Updated warning message on customer removal - Updated logic for applying date when an estimate is converted to Invoice

Version: 3.0.0

New features: - Added Custom Payment Modes - Added Payment Receipt PDF - Added Custom Item Units - Added Ability to select default taxes on items - Added Arabic & Portuguese (Brazilian) language - Added ability to Clone an existing Invoice Bug fixes: - Fixed invoice & estimate template spacing issues - Fixed Customer Address issue - Update Mailgun Configuration UI - Fixed PostgreSQL bug - Fix French Translations - Fix company address not respecting new lines - Fix from_email address not working as expected - Fix issue with passwords not working if it starts with a symbol

Version: 2.1.0

New features: - Added new Customization screen to turn-off Invoice, Estimate & Payment Number auto-generation and edit prefix for each. - Added ability to edit Invoice, Estimate & Payment Numbers Bug fixes: - Replaced JSON Column Types with Text to support older versions of MySQL and MariaDB - Fixed issue with PDF showing binary data on some systems - Display currency-code with currency name on currency select inputs - Fixed issue with selected currency not being displayed on PDFs - Fixed an issue where Shipping Address was being added automatically on creating a new customer - Allow 0% tax on new TaxTypes - Fixed an issue where users were not being able to view PDFs in some operating systems.